About Travelling Boutiques

Liz Davenport has recently launched a brilliant new initiative for our customers! We understand that many of you cannot come into our stores for so many reasons. Liz thought that this was no reason for you to miss out! So we started our Travelling Boutiques.

It is so simple. We pack up a huge selection of our beautiful clothing – in all colours and sizes – and send carefully selected members of our wonderful team to a town or suburb near you! Whenever there is a break in the schedule you even get Liz in person!

After taking over a hotel or conference room and ‘Liz-a-fying’ it, we are ready for clients, new and old. Over 4-7 days we hold a series of Workshops  – which feature a parade and tips on getting the most out of your Liz Davenport garments. After a workshop you can stay and purchase garments that you loved from the workshop OR book in for a By Appointment Styling session the next day.

So far the Travelling Boutiques have been a huge hit in Adelaide, the Gold Coast, Regional Western Australia, Tasmania, and NSW. They have met with huge acclaim from loyal Liz Davenport clients that have shopped with us before, and completely new customers who have never ventured into a store.

Liz’s unique approach to fashion that focuses on colour co-ordination and multi-faceted garments could be coming to you. Don’t miss out on your next opportunity to attend a fabulous LIZ DAVENPORT Travelling Boutique.

General Enquiries – Simply call us on +61 (0)406 531 850 or email support@lizdavenport.com.au