Care Instructions

Every Liz Davenport Garment comes with care instructions clearly marked on its labelling.

Taking care of your precious garments is very important. However, you do not want this to be an expensive and time consuming chore!

Liz Davenport’s garments are designed as ’easy wear, easy care’ with your lifestyle in mind!

Every Liz Davenport garment has detailed care instructions that are easy to find and follow. Most garments are hand/gentle machine wash items, which are durable and functional.

However, our more special and intricate designs deserve a little trip to the drycleaners from
time to time.

Great thought is taken when care instructions are compiled and we strongly advise that you follow our recommendations. This will help you to get the best wearability out of your garment, keep it looking new for longer and prolong its life.

Please review the labelling on your garment for all care instructions and if you have any questions feel free to contact us at

Enjoy wearing your Liz Davenport purchase and we wish you many happy outings!