Theories & Concepts

Seven Steps to Fashion Heaven

The Liz Davenport Seven Steps to Fashion Heaven

Travel Concept (2011 Video)

The Theory of Multiplicity

Liz Davenport's Multiplciity: the art of mixing colours which sit well in every combination

Theory of Multiplicity (video)

Personal Styling: Unlock the Potential of your Wardrobe

When the pieces are carefully selected to work together for summer/winter, dressy/casual and day/evening another world opens up and you no longer have confusion waiting to pounce on you when you open the wardrobe door.

Personal Styling - Step One

Step One: Who are you? Where are you going? Achieving the perfect outcome requires preparation – by assessing all the lifestyle occasions your wardrobe needs to cover, we aim to create a solution for every challenge.

Personal Styling - Step Two - Colour Palettes

Step Two: Colour Palettes. What colours work for you and your skin tone?

Personal Styling - Step Three - Theory of Multiplicity

Step Three: Theory of Multiplicity. The art of mixing colours which sit well in every combination: we’ll show you how to choose your coordinating colours wisely, so that your wardrobe wearability will multiply.

Personal Styling - Step Four - Dynamics of Disguise

Step Four: Dynamics of Disguise. By dealing with different body types and tinkering with proportion in order to balance out shape to its best advantage, we can have you looking your best in no time.

Personal Styling - Step Five - Masterpieces of Design

Step Five: Masterpieces of Design. How to choose the best garments: what to look for when you are choosing a garment and how to make the best investment. There are garments that are so versatile they do everything, day and night, summer and winter!

Personal Styling - Step Six - Seven Steps to Fashion Heaven

Step Six: Seven Steps to Fashion Heaven. Bring it all together to “teach your wardrobe who’s boss” with colours, shapes and garments that suit every facet of your lifestyle.

Make a personal styling individual appointment and discover your own style. It’s uplifting, empowering and complimentary.

Our stylists will try the garments on you so you can see in your own mirror the colours, size dynamics and wardrobe planning coordination that suits you, your lifestyle and personality.

The Art of Travel

The Liz Davenport Art of Travel - across the room, about town or around the world

Holiday in a Handbag

Holiday in a Handbag - the slimmed down Liz Davenport travel concept for a short trip

Miracle in a Suitcase

The Liz Davenport Miracle in a Suitcase - 30 ways for 30 days!

Miracle in a Suitcase (video)

The Genius Set

The Liz Davenport Genius Set is more than a pretty dress