Fashion Solutions

by lizdavenport.

A new world of fashion opportunity both in Australia and internationally has opened and I invite you to join me on the next stage of my amazing 44‑year journey. Bags and jewellery have been added to the coordinated story, and I have always intended to design underwear in our beautiful colours.

I have focused my energy on painstakingly concentrating on my experience with thousands of fitting room hours to choose the absolute best options – the tried-and-true, value-for-money, most versatile, flattering, practical and stylish garments that are guaranteed to bring you the utmost pleasure.

The inspiration for my years of fashion has constantly been finding the garments that light up your life and give you confidence when you look in the mirror. I am excited about extending the collection.

My gorgeous clients have walked the walk with me – many of you for 30 years. You have said so many times “what would we do without our LDs – don’t ever retire”. Well that is not about to happen.

LizI work with a wonderful team of amazing people who simply love making you look gorgeous. Don’t miss a single boutique week as we travel to your city.

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