Finding the Best

by lizdavenport.

best (bƐst) n. that which is the most excellent, outstanding, or desirable

This minizine is full of irresistibles. I have always loved the luxury of printed velvet but it is elusive. I have found 6 pretty prints which will be ready in March as a transeasonal bridge into winter.

You have requested a warmer weight pant – it is called Classic and it is here now with its sisters on page 9. Team them with Creswick’s pretty knitwear.

I am very happy with the Gorgeous Wool Jackets on page 16. They are my celebration design in honour of Creswick Woollen Mills’ 70 year history. The colours are so vibrant and they will be ready by April 12 – perfect for Easter’s cool change.

Wardrobe coordination is my passion and the pieces in this minizine work as additions and extensions to what you already have.

The Liz Davenport at Creswick designs are limited edition – our travelling boutiques and the Creswick stores at Hawthorn and Daylesford carry our full range. You are welcome to phone to reserve your colour and size.

LizView the minizine:
Little Book of Designer Fashion: The Great Jacket – March 2017
Clothes that make you happy.

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