Taking the War out of your WARdrobe

by lizdavenport.

I am fascinated by the ‘The Psychology of Fashion’ and love designing solutions for the overwhelming feeling of “what will I wear?” when you look into your over-crowded wardrobe. It was aptly described by my daughter Jane as

We all have so much potential sitting idle amongst the beautiful clothes we own but often don’t know how to unlock it.

It all starts with colours that work together to multiply our options.

I have a unique theory which no other designer has thought of. It is my Theory of Multiplicity and below is a movie of how it works.

This is just one colour combination and I have many other ideas to share.

LizIf you want to know more about creating a less stressful, more positive wardrobe that will give you control and confidence, join us in a workshop and follow my hints on social media: Facebook, Instagram etc. You might like to tell me how your wardrobe made you feel today on Facebook or at davenport@lizdavenport.com.au. I would love to hear from you!

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