Dear Fashionistas

by lizdavenport.

Dear Fashionistas

I have enjoyed a wonderful four months preparing this collection for your spring-summer fashionable lives.

I begin with a search for beautiful fabrics because that is what underpins fashion. I look for colour spectrums to suit different skin tones and personalities. Then I think about lifestyle and how your clothes fit into your busy days. I draw on memories of what so many of you have asked for.

Next I mix the colours, the prints and the psychology of lifestyle into coordinated wardrobes that are aimed at solutions for every occasion.

But most of all, the clothes must fit our curvy bodies. I spend a lot of time creating design lines that are flattering and comfortable.

I enjoy being at our Boutique Weeks in each city and in the Creswick stores in Victoria and joining you in the fitting room to see you try my garments on.

Most of all it’s about the happiness that discovering your attractive image in the mirror brings to your daily fashion dilemma.

Dress to be happy. A smile is your best accessory.

LizView the minizine:
“Little Book of Designer Fashion: I can’t get by without…” (Oct 2016)

P.S. We can’t get by without our clothes!

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